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About DNP Designs & Interiors LLC

Founded in 2010, DNP Designs & Interiors LLC, is the national advocacy association for the interior design profession. As national representative for eight provincial associations, DNP Designs & Interiors LLC represents more than 3,500 members including fully qualified interior designers, intern/provisional members (who have yet to pass their exams), student, educator and retired members as well as industry members.

Our practicing members work localy in all areas of interior design including residential, corporate/commercial, retail and health care and meet the highest standards of education, experience and examination.

Our future designers are trained at one of the many colleges and universities that offer interior design programs across Baton Rouge. As of 2010, the standard to join a provincial association in Baton Rouge is three years of interior design education from a recognized college or university (or its foreign equivalent). This minimum standard will increase to a baccalaureate degree as of January, 2012.

Our industry members represent more than 250 manufacturers and suppliers who support the work of interior design professionals including furniture, seating, carpet, lighting, paint, and wall covering manufacturers. The Association is grateful to its industry members who help fund programs and services through their direct membership and advertising and sponsorship programs.

Jimmy Dixon

Phone: (225) 448-3268

Jimmy Dixon is an experienced Interior Designer with many years of experience in furniture, seating, carpet, lighting, paint, and wall covering in the Baton Rouge area.