Baton Rouge Interior Designer
  • Materials & Finishes

    Interior design and decoration involves choosing materials and finishes for floors, walls, and ceilings from amongst thousands of possibilities.

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  • Selecting Furniture

    Because furniture is a major component of interior design, the choice of furniture will be a very important part of each project.

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  • Design Solutions

    Depending on the needs of the client, DNP Designs & Interiors LLC can provide assistance with space, lighting, electrical, ceiling and floor planning needs.

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Who Are We

Founded in 2010, DNP Designs & Interiors LLC, is the national advocacy association for the interior design profession. As national representative for eight provincial associations, DNP Designs & Interiors LLC represents more than 3,500 members including fully qualified interior designers, intern/provisional members, student, educator and retired members as well as industry members.

Our practicing members work locally in all areas of interior design including residential, corporate/commercial, retail and health care and meet the highest standards of education, experience and examination.

Our future designers are trained at one of the many colleges and universities that offer interior design programs across Baton Rouge. As of 2010, the standard to join a provincial association in Baton Rouge is three years of interior design education from a recognized college or university.

What is Interior Design?

Interior design is about more than just aesthetics. Its about finding creative design solutions for interior environments while supporting the health, safety and well being of occupants and enhancing their quality of life. Following a systematic and coordinated methodology of knowledge into the creative process, interior design is a multi-faceted profession whereby the needs and resources of the client are satisfied to create an interior space that fulfils the project goals.

Qualified through a rigorous process of education, experience and examination, IDC members are skilled at assisting clients realize their goals, creating built environments that are both functional and aesthetically attractive.